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What You Need To Know About Box Mods

box modsThere is a large difference between devices and their intended purposes when it comes to the vaping industry and the vaping experiences a user can expect. The box mod was designed with the intentions of keeping an ex-smoker from returning to traditional cigarettes. Whereas the eGo pens and the intermediate vape pen mods were designed to help a smoker quit.

The two pen types we mentioned are designed with the best feature you could ask for when trying to transition from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes: They are easy to use.  However, with that ease, you lose many features, but that’s okay. When a smoker is trying to wean themselves, they need as easy as possible so that they aren’t bombarded with a lot of features, maintenance, and safety protocols.

The design of box mods is rich in features and that takes some time to learn, not to mention, they require more maintenance. After you have the knack of vaping, you can begin the trek to become a vapor aficionado and put in the extra effort, money, and time to advance to the more complicated types, such as a mod box. This will give you a vaping richness that makes traditional tobacco cigarettes nothing more than a memory.

The Pros and Cons Of A Mod Box

There are many pros listed on this website about box mods and once you have the vaping experience under control, you’ll find they are well worth the effort, time, and money it will take.  From having an excellent vapor production, a long battery life, and a wide choice of tank options to the interchangeable batteries, and features such as temperature control and variable wattage. They are consistent in performance and very reliable.

The cons of a mod box start with being bigger than the vape pen and more expensive. Once you get past those two things, the learning curve is longer before you’ll start enjoying your mod box. And then there is the maintenance – a lot more than a vape pen requires.

The Tanks

vape tankThe only thing standard about the tank is the connection, which is a 510 connection for both the mod and a tank and a mod. After that, it’s anyone’s guess. But that is the great thing about the marketplace of vaping products right now – the market is free and open because the FDA and the government haven’t gotten too muddled up yet.

Mods are accepting almost any tank, making them very versatile. In fact, any type of tank will work if it fits low enough to fit and fire.  If you choose to go with a big-name tank, you will want to purchase a box mod because the majority of vape pens don’t have that much power, which is a bummer if you’re a cloud chaser.

The Batteries

Where vape pens have internal, non-removeable batteries, most of the box mods have removable batteries, which could be a pro or a con, depending on the user’s style. With removable batteries, there isn’t any downtime in between charges and if you splurge on two battery sets, you can always have one charging while you’re vaping with the other.